The benefits of being in nature to physical health and psychological wellbeing have long been documented as positive ( e.g. Harper, Gabrielsen & Carpenter, 2018).  Within our fast paced society today, we have tended to move away from connection with ourselves and nature.  The danger of this is that we stop experiencing the healing effect nature brings, and lose our connection to our ‘gut’ feelings within our body, thus becoming solely reliant on our cognitive processes.  Cutting off from our bodies in order to cope with the fast paced life our society brings, leaves us more prone to conditions such as anxiety and depression.  When these are present, it is also common to develop coping strategies with food, alcohol, drugs, work and so on.  Nature helps us to ground ourselves and reconnect with our true selves.  It compliments a number of traditional psychotherapies, whilst also offering a space for healing and reflection.